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Our Team



Jerry is an entrepreneur with a military background. He discovered his passion for art matched with cryptocurrency trends in 2022. He has a keen interest in the blockchain and using it to improve user experience. 

Marketing Director


Mack is an entrepreneur, music producer, and songwriter. He fell in love with cryptocurrency when Bitcoin was $1. Heavily influenced by his mentors’ accomplishments, Mack has dedicated his time to learning blockchain technology.



A crypto connoisseur, Zee has experience launching, advising, and marketing multi-million dollar projects. Here to do one thing and one thing only: put this coin in outer space, farther than any coin before.

Community Manager


Bam is an artist and entrepreneur with an enthusiasm for cryptocurrency trading and creative development. He co-founded Go Time Affiliation, a record label where he is also a recording artist. 

Lead Artist


YudaBento is the lead artist for Ross Inu 2D NFTs. Owner of Goba Bali, a creative team engaged in art and design and the NFT artist of Meta Rich Club, YudaBento loves his craft.

Creative Director


EJ is an artist, creative director, and designer. Art and cryptocurrency are absolute magic. She closes the gap between the maker and the made, the product and the consumer, the user and the experience.

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